Methodology behind my results

PHH Corporation conducts business in two uniquely different market segments. One, the retail mortgage private lable space where they act on behalf of their clients as x,y,z mortgage lender. PHH then delivers the end to end business processes necessary for their clients to create the perception of a full service lender without the need of a back office. PHH acts as the front office via 500 sales person call center, as well as back office with a support team of over 2,000 team players. Second, the fleet leasing division of PHH, PHH Arval who is the industry leader in commercial vehicle leasing.

Corporate Account Executive · 2008-Present (PHH Corp. NYSE:PHH)

Serving as the liaison between Union Bank Of Switzerland (UBS) and PHH. UBS is PHH's 3rd largest account with 2010 production of 8.3B in production volume. Managing end to end front office activities beginning with HNW & UHNW operations which includes sales, processing, underwriting, and funding product, as well as back office activities such as product securitization and servicing. I also supervised account development and growth, while deepening the relationship by identifying and capitalizing on new business opportunities, delivering on the UBS business objectives while also balancing the goals of PHH. 

Activities, Accomplishments and Results

  • Business development activities such as strategic road shows utilizing platform/ products self developed pitch deck. As a result of these activities, FA penetration increased from 25% to 40% while velocity increased from .9 to 1.1 -Train the trainer activities, where I coached and educated sales academy personnel in the most effective ways to close business and build relationships with High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth clients. These efforts resulted in Y/Y 2008-2009 lead to sale conversion increase of 10%.
  • Consult with internal PHH leaders and inspired them to develop team player recognition programs, open forum client effectiveness discussions, and continuous client culture awareness training's which resulted in increased customer service "I would recommend PHH" SLA scores.  Scores increased fro 85% to an average of 94% in 90 days.

*This SLA score rating measures how satisfied UBS FA's and end clients are with the services PHH provides.

  • In conjunction with legal, compliance, accounting, and the business integration departments, I managed the internal transition of UBS's mortgage operation from an OCC regulated originator to an FDIC regulated thrift. This transition allows UBS to exponentially increase it's wealth management business, market share and profitability.
  • In addition to the selling and management of the UBS account, I also manage four other accounts; two tier-1 banks  and two tier-2 financial institutions within PHH's strategy.
  • Between 2008 and 2010, I was the only account manager to sell at least 5 tier-1 accounts which total more than 13B in annual production volume. 

Sales Academy Manager & Coach · 2005-2008 (PHH Corp. NYSE:PHH)

The Sales Academy, a sales coaching and sales training incubator within PHH who exists to introduce, instill, and reinforce the sales techniques and habits that define an expert sales professional. As the developer of the Academy's sales content, strategy and sales coaching program; I coached and trained all 700 call center/outside sales personnel, managers and directors within PHH's sales production segment in sales strategy, communication, personality types, referrals, closing the deal and positioning their value propositions. Coaching was delivered via one on one, group, or tele-seminar forums. 

Besides coaching and training, I also implemented "sales support on call", which provides on the fly sales strategy for inside sales, developed strategies to increase market share within uncultivated MSA's, provided to Sr. management solutions to turn a profit in underperforming MSA's. Under my direct management, a team of regionally distributed outside sales personnel targeting retail lending and fleet management clients led the company in sales results in 2006 and 2007. 

Accomplishments & Results

  • Built out a sales coaching platform strategy.  This new platform proved sustainable sales results within the 6 month cycle time. As a result, each sales person who cycles through can now expect an average increase of 30% lead to sale conversion within the first 30 days of coaching and 20% through 6 months.
  • Reduced turnover by 36% through development and implementation of an enhanced on-boarding sales training process.

Senior Sales Consultant · 2003-2005 (PHH Corp. NYSE:PHH)

Liaised with clients among leading global real estate companies, including Century 21, Coldwell Banker, and ERA. Built relationships with clients in order to drive sales volume through branded broker owners and NRT managers. Implemented proven sales and networking strategies.

Accomplishments & Results

  • Headed the "Underperforming Account" pilot, and increased conversion from 6% to 35% in 9 months.
  • Reduced company overhead and increased revenue through the creation of a referral sales system which led me to two years of presidents club status. This system evolved into a required training for the global sales organization.